What is the difference between UV Coating and Aqueous coating?
Both coatings are excellent finishes used to protect the printed product and to enhance the appearance of the product. The biggest difference between UV Coating and Aqueous Coating is that UV Coating is glossier than Aqueous Coating. UV Coating and Aqueous Coating are both excellent products. However, UV Coating is glossier and it will therefore show fingerprints and scratches more than Aqueous Coating. At LPP we produce the highest quality UV Coating and Aqueous Coating in the industry. You are likely to find the choice between UV Coating and Aqueous Coating is really a personal preference and for that reason we offer both options. If you would like printed samples of both coatings please email us at and we will be happy to mail you our "House Stock Book".
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What are the hours of operation, location, and contact information for Lowest Price Print?
Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri, 8 am - 5 pm PST
Physical Address: 4414 Northstar Way, Modesto, CA 95356.
Office: (866) 587-7468
Fax: (209) 523-8655
Customer Service Email:
Prepress Dept. Email:
Please mail files, job samples, return proofs, payments, and all correspondences to: 4414 Northstar Way. Modesto, CA 95356
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Is it possible for me to pick up my orders and save on shipping altogether?
Absolutely. Please select the “Customer Pickup” button when checking out to save on shipping. You will receive an email indicating when your order is ready for pick-up.
Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri, 8 am - 5 pm PST
Physical Address: 4414 Northstar Way. Modesto, CA 95356.
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How do I know the quality of the product is going to be good and what type of guarantee do I get?
Lowest Price Print guarantees you will be completely satisfied with your order or we will reprint your order at no charge. Our guarantee is specific to the printing and bindery accuracy of the finished product with respect to PIA/GATF standards and levels of acceptable tolerances.
Please feel free to request samples of our high quality printing:
We practice the highest standards giving us predictable, consistent color that matches from our proofs to our presses. It's important to note that all monitors display differently so we do not guarantee that the printed piece will match what you see on your screen. In the same way all printers print differently. Your inkjet or laser printer is not going to match our presses so please request an overnight hard proof for color critical jobs so you can see how your project will print on our presses.
We are not responsible for spelling errors or graphical errors that were supplied by the client or introduced by the client during the document creation process.
At Lowest Price Print, we do our best to spot problems with files prior to the printing process but we do not proof-read customer artwork. If you have any concerns about your file, feel free to email it to and a graphics engineer will preflight it for you at no charge.
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How it is possible that Lowest Price Print can offer these high quality products for such incredibly low prices?
Lowest Price Print accomplishes this by strategically grouping its orders into print runs allowing the set-up costs to be diluted between multiple clients. This style of printing is commonly know as, “gang-run printing.” With today’s technology, the quality achieved in our gang-run printing is just as strong as that compared to jobs that are run individually.
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Do I have to order everything in CMYK or can I order spot color jobs as well?
Absolutely! However we cannot print spot colors for standard prices, you will need to request a custom quote for any spot color jobs.
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What is the core business that Lowest Price Print is best at?
Glossy CMYK printing. While we have the equipment, technology and staff to print, bind and mail whatever you can dream up our core business is glossy 4-color printing in sizes ranging up to 18" x 24".
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Does Lowest Price Print offer fulfillment services?
We sure do! Call us if you have that odd-ball job and you’re just not sure how to pull it off. Our plant manager and bindery specialists are always up to the challenge to provide solutions that make sense. You would be surprised to hear about some of the crazy projects we have done in the past.
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Does Lowest Price Print offer design and creative services?
Absolutely yes! We have a very skilled creative team and will create your design for you if you like. We charge $125 per hour for design services. We can also quote design jobs by the job if you prefer. Keep in mind, it will normally be a better value for you to choose the hourly rate and provide a good mockup and direction.
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How long will it take to get my proof?
Your proof will be sent to you within 24 hours of our receiving your print-ready files.
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How long will it take to get the actual order? What is the 1 o'clock rule?
At Lowest Price Print we promise to ship your product within the number of days for which you choose at the time of each order. Website products have typical production time options of 1, 3, 5, 7, or sometimes 10 days. It is important to know that we recognize 1 pm as the cutoff time to determine any particular business day. In other words, any order that is placed after 1 pm is time-stamped as 8 am the following day. It is also important to be aware that the selected production time is only guaranteed when you select, "no proof" under the proofing option. If you choose to receive a pdf proof then the time option does not begin until you have actually approved your proof. Please allow up to 24 hours for us to provide you with a pdf proof in such a case. For jobs that are initiated by a custom estimate, please allow 3-5 days for production from the time you approve your proof or from the time you place your order if "no proof" is required. (Note: jobs with elaborate bindery functions may take slightly longer). For those jobs that require a calibrated hard-copy proof, the designated production time will not begin until the signed off hard-copy proof is returned to Lowest Price Print.
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Do I need to pay sales tax?
We are required to collect California sales tax on all orders that are shipped to a California address unless a valid California reseller's permit is filed with us. All orders shipped outside of California are not charged sales tax.
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What are the terms of payment and credit policies?
At Lowest Price Print we accept all major credit cards, cashier checks, money orders and Paypal. We require all orders to be paid in full at the time the order is placed. Lowest Price Print does not extend credit terms in our continuing goal of keeping prices low.
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How do I know it is safe and secure to enter my credit card information online?
Our site uses SSL technology in our online store that sets up an encrypted session while you are sending personal data and completing your order that keeps the data secure while it's being transmitted. Our order process does not keep your credit card number on file once the transaction has been completed so there is no opportunity for theft once the data reaches our system.
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How do I send my artwork in?
You can upload your artwork as soon as you complete the checkout. If you do not have your artwork ready you can go back to our website and upload the files 24 hrs a day.  If your artwork is too large to upload you can mail a CD to our office containing the finished art. Please be sure to include your order number on the disc.
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What file formats can you accept?
We prefer PDF files, however we can also accept .jpg and .tif files. We can also accept your native files from InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Quark Express as long as all fonts and graphics are included with the files. Please be sure to create all of your files at 300 dpi or higher and include 1/8 inch bleed image for all files.
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What policy does Lowest Price Print practice regarding "overruns"?
Never! Lowest Price Print does not charge for overruns. All orders are carefully screened in the quality control process to make sure the desired count is achieved. Most orders will be shipped with a slight amount of excess product just to be on the safe side. Lowest Price Print members are not subject to overrun charges.
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What is a "Special Value Price Point?"
Lowest Price Print members will find their best economies at specific quantities which are indicated as "Special Value Price Points." All our pricing is fabulous. However, you will find these price point thresholds to be even more incredible to allow our members to maximize their profits. Many of our common items have "Special Value Price Points" at a quantity of 5,000.
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Should I ever expect to be charged up charges after my order is initiated?
Our online pricing and special estimates are based on the assumption that the members files are "ready to print" and do not need corrections. Yes, we pre-flight all files and we try to identify possible mistakes to help you get your product right the first time. However, in order for our membership to truly get the lowest price available, this condition must be met for our steam-line procedures to work. This policy benefits the members that are prone to providing good files. With that said, it is necessary for us to impose small correction charges at times. We don't like to do this but it is necessary to protect the integrity of the pricing model. Our members are encouraged to take a little extra time and carefully proof incoming files for mistakes prior to submitting them. We charge a minimum of $30 if you need to replace your files. We also charge an additional $30 for each additional hi-res proof that is required as a result of your changes. It is important to know that we always create a hi-res proof for our pressmen to use to match color on all jobs. Therefore you may be charged for a replacement hi-res proof even in cases for which you originally selected a PDF proof only. If you find it necessary to make changes after you have submitted your file we will do everything possible to accommodate your needs and to keep you informed of your up charges along the way so that you are not surprised and you can hopefully pass those charges along to your retail buyer.
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How do I get a pdf that I can send you from what I have?
Adobe has a service that allows you to make pdfs online. You can sign up for a free trial, just click this link to get started.
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